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Waste heat recovery system

Waste heat recovery system

basic information
Product description
The air supply and exhaust system of the closed air hood consists of waste heat recovery device, air heat exchanger, axial flow fan, air duct and other equipment.
The air supply in the air hood adopts fresh air from the workshop, which is preheated by the waste heat recovery device after primary filtering, then heated to the required temperature by the air heat exchanger, and finally sent to each air box in the airtight air hood by the air duct. The main function of the waste heat device is gas-gas heat recovery. A large amount of waste heat air discharged from the paper machine during its operation, which is not only wasted but also not conducive to environmental protection. After passing through the waste heat recovery device, considerable heat can be recovered.
Product features
■Stable heat transfer coefficient
■The heat exchange efficiency is as high as 79 %
■Fresh air inlet with filtering device
■The internal material has good anticorrosion performance
■Automatic spraying facilities ensure smooth pipeline
■Installation, maintenance and operation are simple
■Patented product
■More than 75 % of waste heat is recycled
The waste heat discharged by the paper machine is recovered and utilized through the waste heat recovery device, so as to achieve the purposes of reducing energy consumption and saving cost.
Using tube heat exchanger and aluminum alloy tube as heat exchange tube, the heat exchange coefficient is high and the recovered heat is more than 60 % of the total enthalpy of exhaust air through the primary heat recovery device. The temperature of the heated fresh air can rise to about 50 ℃ after primary heat recovery, while the temperature of the discharged gas can be reduced to more than 30 degrees, effectively recovering the latent heat in the exhaust steam.
Whether more heat energy in the exhaust steam needs to be recycled, it can also be realized by setting up a second-stage gas-water heat recovery device to recycle more than 75 % of the waste heat.