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Weijie Environmental

Weijie Environmental

Hunan Weijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Located in Changsha city, Hunan province, near the beautiful Xiangjiang river,Hunan Weijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, design, sales, production and service. Since the establishment in 2007, the Company has grown to a team with around 50 employees, including 35 various technicians, 15 intermediate technical titles and 5 senior technical titles. To provide guarantee for customers' needs and lay a foundation for the Company's development, the three generations of old, middle and young technical forces learn from each other and complement each other.
The Company is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacture and after-sales service of environmental protection products such as ventilation and waste heat recovery equipment in the closed air hood bag area, high-speed hot air Yankee hood, various heat exchangers, air heaters, coating hot air drying system and paper dust removal equipment. The Company has made good achievements in the research and development of new energy, high-efficiency and energy-saving products and in the field of ventilation, energy conservation and environmental protection since its establishment.
Comrade Zhao Lixin, Chairman of the Company, has been engaged in the paper making and workshop ventilation industry for 15 years, who has rich industry experience and is one of the leaders in the industry. He has led the Company to research and introduce advanced technologies at home and abroad, and has presided over the research and development and production of the circular closed air hood. After years of exploration and practice, he has so far successfully designed, manufactured and installed the circular closed air hood and ventilation system for dozens of paper making enterprises and paper machine companies, and has won unanimous praise from users after delivery.
Hunan Weijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the enterprise tenet of honesty, truth - seeking, innovation, quality and service first. Honest and realistic, pioneering and innovative, win-win business philosophy of cooperation. A road of development has been created that aims at energy conservation and environmental protection, and is market - oriented, and strives for survival with quality through advanced technology, high-quality equipment, preferential prices and the unremitting efforts of all employees.