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The recovery rate of industrial waste heat in China is 30%~50%

Company news
2014/05/14 21:53
Most of the industrial energy consuming devices operated in China cannot use sensible heat and latent heat rationally. In the national efforts to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the concept of green energy, over the past decades, rough industrial development gradually exposed the drawbacks. A series of concepts, including high temperature waste gas waste heat, cooling medium waste heat, waste gas waste water waste heat, high temperature products and slag waste heat, are emerging to guide the direction of energy consumption reduction in the industrial sector for hvac professionals.
The total industrial waste heat resource in China accounts for 17%~67% of the total fuel consumption. In the context of the 12th five-year plan to promote industrial energy conservation, waste heat utilization in energy-consuming industries is accelerating. The pressure of declining demand and profit space has also prompted industrial enterprises to learn to "tighten their lives", and the waste recycling technology is welcomed by enterprises.
"Industrial efficiency is a weak link in our development and the biggest difference from developed countries. In fact, every bit of economy is good for the industry and the country. "People have been talking about the crisis, and I think it is concentrated in two areas: energy and resources," the industry insider said. China is facing great environmental pressure, and many problems have exceeded the warning line. When it comes to waste heat recovery, a change of thinking will bring about a shift in results. At present, the recycling rate of waste heat is up to 30%~50% in the domestic market, and the general cost of waste heat recovery and utilization projects is over 100 million yuan. China's waste heat recovery is generally less than 20 percent, and in other developed countries, such as the United States, it has reached 50 percent utilization. China's waste heat generation is still in its infancy and will see a leapfrog development in the next decade, according to Mr Wu.
Take coal for example, 50% of China's coal is used to generate electricity, and a lot of waste gas and waste gas are wasted. This is an opportunity for the development of the whole market of waste heat recycling, through which this part of wasted resources can be reused. As energy conservation and emission reduction is listed as a "hard index" for assessing economic development, utilization of waste heat and excess pressure has been brought to the national strategic level with its considerable economic and social benefits.
With the acceleration of China's industrialization and urbanization, the government has made strategic decisions to build a resource-efficient and environment-friendly society. Energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources have become the target of the joint efforts of governments and enterprises at all levels. More and more enterprises have joined the industry, and more and more mature waste heat recovery technologies have provided ideas for the solution of waste heat utilization. Data shows that as of the first half of this year, engaged in waste heat recycling enterprises over a thousand.
It is worth noting that these pioneers in the field of heat recovery have the advantage of being first in the market. "The process of recycling waste heat, like extracting sugar cane juice, depends on how many times and how skilled you are at it." China building society building thermal power branch vice - President xu wenfa has said publicly.
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